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Personal Finance 1Q Credit Card Debt Nears Historic $1 Trillion Peak
By Scott Gamm
Total outstanding credit card debt is growing but Brooke McGeehan, a vice president of financial planning at RBC Wealth Management, sees no credit crunch ahead.  MoreMore

High-Yield Bonds Almost a Buy, Says Sierra Strategic Income Fund Manager
By Gregg Greenberg
High-yield bonds have been selling off due to worries about the economy and valuation warnings from billionaire investor Carl Icahn.  MoreMore

Expanding Shorts on Treasuries, Adding to Blackstone Fund, Twitter, Facebook: Doug Kass' Views
By Doug Kass
Doug Kass shares his views on bonds, Blackstone's/GSO Strategic Credit fund and online social media powerhouses Twitter and Facebook.  MoreMore

6 Solid Reasons You Should Invest in U.S. Stocks Now
By Phil DeAngelo
The global economy may be frail. But the U.S. stands strong. The recent correction is just a blip in the bull market.  MoreMore

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Look For Helicopter Money, Not Rate Hikes Says Marc Faber
By Sarah Benali
Famed economist Marc Faber doesn't expect rate hikes this year, instead he sees potential for QE4.  MoreMore

Gold Up, Then Down, But Investors Need Not Worry Says Expert
By Sarah Benali
Gold Heading To $1,350; Any Pullbacks Just ‘Pause For Breath’ - Expert  MoreMore

Too Late To Get Into Mining Stocks? No, Says This Geologist
By Sarah Benali
Why Own Silver? Stick With Gold Says Geologist  MoreMore

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Credit-Card Laws' Unintended Consequences
By Bill Hardekopf
Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan found ways to make money even as a credit-card law took effect this week.  MoreMore

The End of the Mac & Cheese Trade
By Scott Rothbort
Consumers have spent the past two years looking for bargains, but the retail trade-down phenomenon is drawing to a close.  MoreMore

Predicting the Rest of 2010
By Scott Rothbort
Using the past 60 years of SPX data as a backdrop, what does January's decline forecast for the rest of the year?  MoreMore

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Lower Gas Prices Mean No Social Security Increase Next Year
By The Associated Press
Social Security recipients won't receive an increase in benefits next year, which also means higher health care costs for retirees.  MoreMore

Here's Why You Should Carefully Read Your Brokerage Statements in Down Markets
By Susan Antilla
Market volatility led some advisers to tell clients to ignore their statements. That's dangerous advice in an era when hackers can steal from your account and reimbursement comes with caveats.  MoreMore

The Good and the Bad About Moving to Nicaragua
By Chuck Bolotin
Nicaragua has changed, and is definitely worth consideration as a place to live for North American expatriates.  MoreMore

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3 Terrible Estate Planning Mistakes You Need to Stop Making
By Scott Gamm
Estate planning tends to get pushed to the back burner, as more pressing financial tasks take center stage.  MoreMore

Treasury Warnings Haven't Stopped Wave of Tax Inversions
By Gregg Greenberg
The Treasury Department's warning to corporate America about reincorporating in another country is being ignored, said Tim Larson of Marcum LLP.  MoreMore

Tax Fraud Tops List of Consumer Complaints - But There’s Plenty More To Fret About
By Brian O'Connell
Consumers have plenty to gripe about these days, but here's what rankles them most.  MoreMore

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'Mad Money' Lightning Round: Edwards Lifesciences Is Going Higher
By Scott Rutt
Cramer says buy Chipotle below $440 but he's avoiding Corning.  MoreMore

The Dollar's Rally May Be Playing a Role In Declining Oil Prices
By Bret Kenwell
The U.S. dollar is about to break out to the upside, which will weigh on oil prices and commodities.  MoreMore

'Mad Money' Lightning Round: More Pain Ahead for HP
By Scott Rutt
The only stock Cramer can recommend is Nucor and he's sticking with Rite Aid.  MoreMore

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How The Self-Employed Can Still Cut Their 2014 Tax Bill
By Jason Notte
If self-employed workers would rather contribute to their retirement than pay a huge tax bill, those who filed an extension can still seek shelter in IRAs and 401(k)s.  MoreMore

Why Building Your Nest Egg Just Can't Wait
By Jason Notte
If you're going to start a retirement or emergency fund, being young and flexible enough to make painful financial decisions will certainly help your cause.  MoreMore

How New York Stock Exchange Glitch Wounded an American Icon
By Carleton English and Valerie Young
The limited fallout from Wednesday's shutdown showed how the rise of electronic platforms has changed the way an American icon functions.  MoreMore

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Why the China Crash is Bad News for Manufacturers
By Tobias Burns
From General Electric to Caterpillar and BHP Billiton, manufacturers and raw-materials companies are bracing for the effects of a slowdown in the world's second-largest economy.  MoreMore

3 Reasons to Shop For Neiman Marcus IPO Shares
By Ari Zoldan
Neiman Marcus files for $100 million IPO  MoreMore

Why Everyone Thinks It's Time for Subprime Auto Leasing
By Jason Notte
With used-car inventory still recovering from the recession and new-car leases out of reach, subprime leasing options could kickstart auto sales.  MoreMore

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Detox Getaways: Check In, Zone Out
By Michael Martin
Getting ready for summer beach-wear doesn't need to be work, it can be a vacation too.  MoreMore

Behind the Scenes at Michael Jordan's Celebrity Golf Tournament
By Travels in Taste
Ashton Kutcher and a slew of other celebrities chowed down on gourmet offerings in Las Vegas this year.  MoreMore

3 Underperforming Stocks That Could Jump as Much as 50%
By StreetAuthority
The stage looks set for these companies to post improving results during the rest of 2011 and 2012.  MoreMore

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