Small Business
Square’s Upcoming IPO Highlights Unicorn Companies
By Scott Gamm
With Square set for an IPO, one expert sees a renewed focus on 'unicorn' firms that boast valuations of $1 billion plus. MoreMore

Walmart, Target and Costco Among Retailers Switching to EMV Technology
By Scott Gamm
The race is on for retailers and credit card companies to switch to EMV technology. MoreMore

What Family Business Owners Should Consider Before Cashing Out
By Gregg Greenberg
Closing down after a lifetime of hard work poses its own challenges, says Kevin Harris at Northern Trust. MoreMore

Help Your Daughters Start a Business, Teach them to ‘Be Great’
By Gregg Greenberg
Teaching young girls to start and run a business is an important step in closing the gender wage gap, said Holly Lichtenfeld, author of Be Great: A Money-Making Adventure. MoreMore

The Latest in Smart Clothing Detects Cancer and Prevents Injuries
By Mia Taylor
The newest advances in smart clothing and wearable technology include such things as Bluetooth bras that detect early signs of breast cancer and jewelry designed to measure UV exposure. MoreMore

How to Get Started in E-commerce Shipping and Fulfillment
By William Craig
Here are some things small-business owners should consider if they need a thirty party to handle distribution. MoreMore

Small Business Owners Won’t Be Bruised by Federal Reserve’s Looming Rate Hike
By Scott Gamm
Small business owners shouldn’t worry about the Federal Reserve’s upcoming policy shift. MoreMore

3 Advantages to Being an 'Intrapreneur'
By Kabir Sehgal
Starting a company isn't for everyone, but there's another way to harness your entrepreneurial drive and creativity. MoreMore

Obama's Demo Day for Entrepreneurs Showcases American Innovation
By Whalen MacHale
The White House hosted the very first 'White House Demo Day' that brought aspiring entrepreneurs from across the country to the nation's capital. MoreMore

Why Smallest Banks Will Profit More Than JPMorgan From Rate Hike
By Carleton English
Community banks may get the biggest benefits when the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, but they'll have to wait the longest to see them. MoreMore